Adult Hives

Anyone can share for adult having hives everyday for weeks?

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Hi... Allergic reactions, chemicals in certain foods, insect stings, sunlight exposure, or medications can all cause histamine release. It's often impossible to find out exactly why hives have formed. ... Acute urticaria: Hives lasting less than six weeks. The most common causes are certain foods, medications, or infections. Please seek medical advice and treatment

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There will be certain food to avoid etc. Do get some medication from the doctor.

Is it just after giving birth. I had that. It is due to hormonal changes.

2y ago

Hi. Can i check if the doc prescribe you with meds or jab? I have a very bad hives almost the whole body itch but doc doesnt want to gave me injection.

Skin allergy? Better get it check

Best to see a doctor

Go see a dr!!

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see dr