Hives / rash

Hi, can i know is it normal to develop hives or rashes during pregnncy. Im at 11 weeks and having very itchy rashes around the arms and legs.

Hives / rash
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I think it depends on individuals.. I developed hives (It goes on and off thru out the day for a week) in 4th week of pregnancy. Later, my mum told me she got that when she is preg with me (lol). You may try chlorpheniramine/antihistamine . If it doesn't work for you (like me), you might want to try wear windbreaker and pant to cover yourself from wind (old people's saying but somehow it works for me). Otherwise, see a gynae if you can coz other docs (from my understanding after seeing two docs) can only give u the above two meds.. Hope this helps =)

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It doesnt look like Hives more like an allergy /rash or bites. I had chicken pox during my first pregnancy and immediately consulted a dr. Pls go see one and get a medication for it as u will start to feel more discomfort and don't want u to be stress later while hvg the baby.

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U cn consult any GP first. I did that too and my GP ask me questions to know more abt my condition b4 he give me the skin medications tt is necessary. If he feels nd gynae review he will also advice . Bt if it itches badly, ask one for temp relief since ur gg to mit ur gynae soon. Ur main concern is u want to know what is it and if nd any blood test, let him write u a letter for ur gynae so u cn do tt on u next visit.

It really depends. In Nov when we travelled for holiday, my wife had bites on her arms while I did not get any. We were staying in a Air BnB apartment.. We told yourselves, that would be the last. Next time spend a little more money for hotel.

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I have hives once over my leg too during pregnancy. I’m fine if they go off after the night. Else, I would consult.

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It's quite common, if you feel it's unbearable you can take antihistamines like telfast. Otherwise see a skin doctor :)

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Okay thank you

yeah i had it too. it will go away sooner or later when you reach second trimester.

Yes, I got it too at the end of my first trimester, but it went away quite quickly

I have rashes and I use lavender essential oil to sooth the itch. Works for me!

Yes i had hives too for the first time in my life while 5-6 weeks pregnant!

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12mo ago

Did you take antihistamines?

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It doesn’t look like rash. But if u are concern, see a doc