Hives Rashes :(

Anyone have hives / rashes during pregnancy? I’m at week 19 and suddenly having red itchy patches of rashes on my legs. So ugly and itchy. 😭😭

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I have chronic hives before getting pregnant and it’s still there now that I’m pregnant. Currently at 24 weeks. Chlorpheniramine is not effective for me, so I have been taking zyrtec, which is cetirizine 10mg daily throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes in between I’ll still get some minor itch and I’ll carry suubalm rapid itch relief moisturizer with me as the menthol helps to relief itch and the weals will subside as well.

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2mo ago

Oh yes you are right. But suubalm is a little different because it is formulated by national skin centre and has ceramides which is good for skin barrier. It is recommended by dermatologist for sensitive skin conditions. Perhaps you’re right that it’s dependent. It has worked well for me, and even helped with some small eczema spots that i got previously. 😊

same here on my hand n leg, itchy rashes, per doc it hormones changes, was given elomet - do contain steroid but safe for baby. apply thinly n it go off after 1-2 applications

I had rashes during week 9, lasted me for 4 weeks until I tried pawpaw cream. Now I have a tiny bit left, but not as bad as when it first started and not as itchy

Me too. I had to see a doctor on this

2mo ago

What Med did the doc give you dear? I was given calamine lotion and chloramine but like not really helping yet.. :(