Same due

Anyone same due with me 14/6/2019 ??? ??

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mine 30/10...lama lgi tpi tetap excited.that my first baby😍

lama 30/10 but still excited and nervous.. 😊

3y ago

Sama dgn saya sis... Deu 30/10...

24/6 😍 baby no 3 in sha allah ❤️

3y ago

wow, congratez.... mine 1st, wish evrything go well 😀😀

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almost there... take care

20/6 second baby 😍😍

Good luck and congrats!!

I'm 2days after, 16/6/2019 😊

3y ago

Same with me 😘

6/10 first baby ❤️

7/6...mixed feelings...

Saya 12/6/2019 2 days early

3y ago

In sha allah nnti klu dh bslin nnti sy bgtaw sis. 😄