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Really craving for salmon sashimi.. 6 months to go 😭😭😭 the struggle is realllll
I did ate some after my first trimester 🤫
Same..craving salmon sashimi jgk..huhu. 😥
Me2 and craving for steak as well ..
boleh mkn yg sushi tu tpi kne pstikn btul3 msk..
Decisions, Decisions...
1. Confinement centre, 2. At home 3. Mum's home What would you choose?
Confinement lady (CL) and mum’s home. I hired CL since my mom already forgot how to take care of me and baby. Ya 30years back is quite long time to adapt with a baby. The CL came to my house from morn
At home with confinement lady
At home with mum. Lucky to have her stay with me.
At home
2 definitely
Milk Brands
Pregnant mamas, do you drink milk? Anyone drinks frisomum?
dutch lady low fat
Frisomum so sedap. Very light taste, less sugar compare to others brand
I minum dutch lady freshmilk je
Sy pernah try frisomum ni tp xsesuai ngan sy sbb baunye blh bt loya tekak,terlalu kuat bau minum susu HL je...
I drink anmum
Any good recommendations for air purifiers. This haze is killing me 😭
I use Coway!
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Make sure to get those with HEPA filter + CADR. Philips 2887 model is recommended.
Baby Insurance
Planning to get one for my baby now that i'm entering 2nd trimester. Any suggestions? Any mummies who bought insurance for your baby while being pregnant?
Husb buat kan insurance me n my baby, prudential. Bole cover utk lpas brsalin if anak ad komplikasi
i’m applying great eastern takaful for my baby. but it can only be processed 30 days after birth
Aia.. masa 16 weeks pregnant
I bought takaful prudential since 7 month preggy
Great eastern insurance