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Anyone paranoid about weight Gaining. How much did you gain by 5 months

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For me, at 5 months gain about 1-2kg. Full term gained about 10kg. Don't worry about weight gaining, some ppl gain more/less. What is important is that baby is growing healthily and steadily, gynae w be able to tell during scans.

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Gained 18kg in total. But dont worry, if you breastfeed or pump your breastmilk, the weight will drop gradually. I'm now 41 days post partum and I've lost 12kg without exercising and dieting.

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You should limit your weight gain to 10-15kg only so you can get back to your desirable weight easily plus you can deliver the baby normally.

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None. But that's cuz I was on strict diet for GD and advised by doctor not to gain weight as I'm obese to begin with. Dont worry.

So far only 2 kg at 20weeks now. Which is good. Cos my last pregnancy I gained 20kg

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I gained about 2kg. Don’t be worried. Your health and baby more important

About 2 to 3 kg during 5 mth period. Whole pregnancy about 10kg

I think I barely gain any weight because I eat less? 😕

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I couldn’t rmb. But the whole pregnancy was about 15kg

at 34 weeks, gain about 12kg in total now