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How much weight did u gain by week 20?

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was 65kg pre pregnancy & lost 4kg during my first trimester cause all i do is vomit 😭 throat was too swollen to even swallow any food. But by the time i was at my 20wk, i was weighing 66kg! Back to my pre pregnancy weight. & now im at my 27week, im at 69/70kg 😭

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I have yet to gain anything. I tend to only grow and gain @ 7-8months. Depends on your body. I know someone who only gain 6kg throughout her pregnancy because she couldnt bring herself to eat. And her baby came out @ 4kg.

normal oo bang hindi mag gain ng weight? nahirapan kase ako sa 1st tri ko kaya pumayat ako ng 1klo, pagtungtong ng 2nd tri mejo malakas nako kumain pero hindi pako naggain ng weight, 20wks pregnant po.

lost 3 kg in my first trimester but gained back 7kg from second trimester onwards to week 20 now... so i guess it's considered a 4kg gain overall? 7kg just seems too much :/

Not sure yet but last 3 weeks ago, 41kg i lose a lot of weight during 1st trimester coz i didnt have an appetite. Im trying to eat a lot now at 2nd trimester. 💕

lost 3kg from 1st tri and now can eat well but still cant eat pork.. 🙁

i gained 5… im abit scared of the total weight i will gain by the end of this pregnancy 😓

i lost 10kg during my 1st tri.. now im coming 19weeks, ive only gained around 2kg!

I gained 10kg but cause I have always been a good appetite since I’m preg 🤣

Ako frm 41 to 53 real quick.. On my 20wks of twins 😍