Not gaining weight

Hi. Currently 14 weeks pregnant but not gaining weight. Only gain 100gram so far. Is it normal?

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It's Ok mummy, don't worry. I've lost 11kg from being pregnant so far. I'm currently going to 27 weeks (Third trimester is coming!) Lost a lot in first tri (although no morning sickness or vomiting), weight loss slowed down in second tri but still lost weight. My gynae says baby seems to be growing well and of normal weight so I shouldn't be worried. Reason I'm losing weight is I've eaten healthier as compared to pre-pregnancy, and I'm more active now (swims and walks regularly. Before pregnancy I rarely exercise lol). As long as you are getting enough nutrients in your body and eating healthily, and baby is growing well, don't worry about it!!! Good thing about not gaining weight during pregnancy is I don't have aches, lethargy, or breathlessness, so do look on the bright side about not gaining weight!

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i didnt gain weight until late 2nd trimester, even then it was like 2kg? gained total of 6 to 7kg only. baby came out 3.2kg and i lose my pregnancy weight when i left the hospital lol

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its fine . i lose weight average of 1kg per mth till my 4th mth. 4th mths onwards, I've gain 1kg per mth now. as long as doc say baby is fine, u shouldnt worry much

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Did your gynae say anything? In my first trimester, I rmb I lose weight but doctor say baby is gaining mass so it’s fine

It's perfectly fine. I lost 4 kg in my first trimester. Ur body will put on weight when baby starts to grow bigger.

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it is fine. as long as baby is growing, no issues. i lost a great deal of weight.

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Very normal.. As long as baby is still growing, it's totally fine