Anyone faces this issue as well? My MIL is constantly telling me and everyone else that my LO ( 5mths old) wants/needs our helper. For example, if she's crying and I'm carrying to soothe her. MIL would carry her away from me and pass her to our helper, saying that LO wants/needs her.. It's making me feel like a bad Mother as if I'm not being able to soothe my own LO.

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I don’t face this issue because I am taking care of baby on my own. I think it’s really insensitive for your MIL to say this to you and the act of carrying your baby away from you is too much. Please be firm and reject her next time she does that. It is demeaning and discouraging you and your baby from bonding. Or maybe you can observe and “learn” from your helper how she handles your baby and take over from there. One way my friends do is to take over the child minding from their helpers the moment they are home so that they can bond with their kids. It includes bathing, night time routine and so on.

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Don't let her do that! Insist on carrying baby yourself. My MIL doesn't do that but she'd talk nonsense to baby and I'd just tell her off. Plus she should know better that babies do fuss/cry a bit more with mama because they want our attention. Dont ever think you are a bad mom! Only we know what's best for our own child.

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I guess u have to voice out mommy cuz who knows in the future she will be the one telling or deciding for ur baby. U are the mother whatever happens ur baby will find you. You can calm ur baby. Tell her in a nice way. If she does it again tell her off... U can do it mommy.

Ask ur mil to fcuk off. Im serious. Who the hell is she to take ur baby away n make decisions? Ask her dont cross the line before things get ugly. And u shld stand up for urself n baby. Otherwise how u gonna protect ur own children as his/her mum?

Hi mummy, try telling your MIL nicely yet FIRMLY that you able to handle your LO by yourself. Don't need to feel bad. At times my MIL also say things w/o thinking that hurts me too. I will either keep quiet or I will feedback to my husband.

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Could it be that she wants to ease your burden by asking for the helper's help? Either way I feel she's quite insensitive for saying such thing. If you can't talk to her directly maybe let your hubby know and ask him to relay?

Just tell her not to do it and that when you are carrying the baby, they should stay away as you are the mum

How can you let ur baby to get carried away like that? U are supposed to protect ur own baby

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I will not let my baby to be carry away like this. Perhaps next time don't let her do that?

Stand firm and say you will try soothing your baby first because you are the mother.