Separation anxiety

Hi mums. My baby (9m) is starting to develop anxiety whenever anybody want to carry her (main caregiver is granduncle & grandaunt). She’s has started turning her heads away from anybody and will cry if they force her. (Especially towards both me and hubs parents). She will start crying non-stop. However, the grandparents refused to pass her back to me for me to soothe. I had to grab her off them (well, not rudely k) because she’s clearly crying for me. Sometimes she doesn’t even want her father. So… I’m not sure how to tackle this issue. I do not like their idea of ‘forcing’ her so that she’ll be used to having them carry her. Worst thing is, I feel like I’m invisible as my baby’s mother!

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i have that issue too. must give them heads up to let baby warm up to them, needs time. next time can try wearing baby instead. once warmed up and baby feels comfortable then let them carry

1y ago

That’s the thing - they don’t care. Take from me means take from me. It’s literally forcing baby to be ok with them. 🥺