Normal Delivery For Babies More Than 3.5kg

Anyone experienced normal delivery for baby weight more than 3.5kg? Share your experience pls!

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Wow! Big healthy baby. May Allah ease

1y ago

Hahaa tq but not mine. 😂

my first baby boy 4.3kg, normal delivery

Mine 3.8kg normal delivery, birth at 38 weeks. We thought he's gonna be around 3.5 kg because at 36 weeks he's 2.8 kg😆 nasib baik boleh teran.

my first bby was 3.64 and normal delivery last bby 2.6 but emergency cyzer😊

a friend of mine delivered her baby weighing 4kg through normal process

First baby boy 4.12kg..normal

2nd bby sy 4.6kg

Sy bby first 3.99 normal

My first baby boy 3.98kg normal delivery

My second girl 3.79kg normal