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Do you always cook or buy food from outside?

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Definitely cook at home whenever we can. But hey.. handling baby, household chores etc without maid can be so tiring.. so just give yourself a break and order delivery via foodpanda or grabfood if u're tired. No one's judging

3y ago

So agree with this. No helper with kids, sometime just have to order delivery.

I try to balance between the two. I’m a horrible cook so I buy outside. But then again I hate eating out everyday.

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The satisfaction you get from having a home cooked meal is something different. Eating out is just convenience.

Selalu masak. Kalau rasa mcm tk sempat, mlm sebelum tu dah siap, esok tinggal panaskan ☺️

I enjoy cooking but sometimes if im too tired, i will buy food outside. But usually i cook :)

Buy from outside as always so busy. Try and cool one pot meals at weekend though as healthy

I try to cook at home whenever i can... but i will just buy if im too tired that day.

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I enjoy cooking but sometimes due to time constraint then have to buy from outside.

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I love cooking more than anything, but lately my activities force me to buy.

Cooking at home is better, as you know what you’re putting in your food