Morning sickness(Vomiting)

Any advice for morning sickness(Vomiting) ??? Still 6 weeks 4 days.

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I had severe ms from week 6 to 11 (~20-30x of retching and vomiting a day). What I did: 1. Get nausea pills that is safe for pregnancy from GP cause waiting for gynae is too long. Just eat them as prescribed. 2. Eat small frequent meals. I make sure I'm only 30-40% full each time and force myself to stop to avoid over eating. 3. I ate bland food So if vomit it feels not as disgusting: oats with honey, 12 grains drink, dry crackers and fruits. 4. Suck on salty sweets or crackers when you feel nausea. 5. Sip water. I sip only 4 mouth of water each time with an hour interval. 6. Sleep and nap more because all awake moment is a torture. 7. Wear mask and carry vomiting bag if you need to go out. I was so sick to a point that I don't care about how others look at me anymore. 8. Sip on real ginger ale (cold) or ginger tea (warm). That's how I got through those horrible days. All tips only relieve the symptoms but it will never go away until baby says is enough. I hope you'll feel better soon.

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11mo ago

Same as you but Im still in these horrible days. From half of week 7th till now almost 13th. Not taking pills, try to bear with it. Scared of this day & night sickness 😭

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Drink warm water

Hot chamomile tea or hot ginger drink may help?

Hi, came across this article and hope it may help! Also helps to have some plain biscuits at your bed side when you feel like you're not very well.

Im week 20 still vomiting

Ginger cookies really helped me

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Get pills from ur gynae. I only took them when i continuously vomited for 2 times.

I hv whole day sickness since week 4. M currently at week 7. Gynae prescribed pills and its slightly helping at certain time of the day

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Get pills from gynae if it's unbearable

I got pills from gynae. Asked for stronger dose at each appointment. Morning sickness never left me even now at 15 weeks.