Any effective tips to prevent "morning sickness" without the nausea/vomiting pills?

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short answer - no. what works for others may not work for u and morning sickness can be anytime of the day and can appear in any time in the pregnancy or even through out. always have some biscuit or crackers to stand by in ur bag and much bits of it. sour stuff help some people. orange juice help me but its not one of the usual options. u can try this acupressure and see it if helps

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Hot tea with smashed Ginger and a slice of lemon in the morning. This helped me during the first trimester and I didn't rely on nausea pills. Freshly squeezed mandarin tea helped me as well, or your favorite form of vitamin C. I also found that bone broth and chicken soup helped with my stomach lining.

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My OB's suggestion was ginger, put some water in it aand bring it to boil. But i haven't tried as i do not like ginger and also, avoid food with garlic and onion it trigger it will make u vomit

I doubt so dear till you figure out what comforts you. It could be anything ir even things that you usually dislike. The only way is to try and keep yourself as comfortable as possible.

You can try to eat smaller meals few times a day. Besides that, maybe suck a sweet or sour plum. Sometimes oily and spicy food also aggravates, you may want to cut down on those food.

Eat fruits like banana, apple and have almonds.. Don't eat spicy food... Have a balance meal and have a soy or almond milk at night.. Have some oranges too but not much

The only thing that works for me is drinking hot soup especially chicken potato soup. Just one chicken leg, a few slices of ginger and one potato.

lemon juice or citrus fruit juice. try not to be on empty stomach.. I feel more nausea when I'm hungry although no appetite

Crackers didn't do s*** for me. So would did help. Drink half a glass of milk before bed

Sea band mama and vitamin b6 works for me. I suffered from severe vomiting last month..