Morning sickness

Hi. I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant. The morning sickness is starting to get to me - I'm getting more nauseous these two days :( Would appreciate any advice to cope with morning sickness. Thank you!

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Hi mummy! Really had bad morning sickness too. To somehow alleviate the nausea I make sure I eat little "plain" food every 2 hours even if I'm not hungry like crackers, oatmeal, banana and apple because I vomit like merlion all day. I also drink lots of water. Diclectin did not work on me so I just tahan by resting, having my husband massage my head and sniffing on essential oils!

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same here. nausea all day long but nothing to vomit. happens especially at night before I sleep. I could only take plain crackers w plain water, other food really put me off. the only way to fight it off for me is to make myself sleep. am going for 1st appt w gynae tmr and check if there is anything they can prescribe for the nausea feeling. 😵

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3mo ago

I feel you too mummy. If it is really bad and affecting your food/fluid intake, maybe gynae will prescribe some medication for you

I took diclectin at week 9 cause I can’t stand the nausea feeling. Took for a month and it went away. Entering third trimester I had nausea + vomiting but I didn’t take the medication ($2/tablet bless my pockets), so I sip on 100 Plus instead which aids somehow but definitely not as effective as diclectin 😂

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3mo ago

Haha thanks for sharing! Any drink sounds better than plain water right now. I'll be going to the gynae next week for a scan. Hopefully I won't need to rely much on medications :')

hi i had nausea from week 6 till week 35. practically the whole pregnancy. trimester 1 was the worse. dicletin didn't help. i took sour candy and it somehow help on some days. trimester 2 was okay, trimester 3 gets better. remember to hydrate and drink lots of water. eat small frequent meals!

Hey! I was having nausea from week 6 all the way until recently (end of week 12). Was prescribed diclectin and felt slightly better but it got worse from week 8 onwards. I had sour plums and had apples when I feel nauseous and it helped! Maybe you can try. :)

Hi mummy. Usually i will drink apple juice to alleviate the symptoms. It worked for me. Try getting the ones without aloe vera chunks in it. Sometimes, i ate the himalayan salt candy too whenever i felt uneasy. Hope they’ll work for you too! :)

3mo ago

Thank you for sharing. Few days ago I tried orange juice and it did make me feel better too. I should try apple juice too! Plain water is becoming very difficult for me to drink when the nausea is getting really bad.

I took dilectin but I don’t really like as it made me very drowsy. I felt better drinking cold water, I was craving for ice lemon tea everyday during pregnancy! Lol. My morning sickness gone after entering second trimester. Jiayou mummy!

3mo ago

1 more week to go for me before 2nd trimester. I so can’t wait to get over this morning sickness & gagging. It makes me so weak.. I was prescribed Diclectin but I refused to take any.. been surviving on fruits & juices.

I was prescribed diclectin for nausea but I ended up feeling worse.. wasted $ on them.. haha Good to eat smaller meals, snack on biscuits.. oh I took those preserved/dried plums/figs during the first sem to help with the nausea/puking

3mo ago

Thank you!! I'm eating the plums too if it's really bad. But now the morning sickness is coming back very often so I'm trying to control how much dried plums I'm eating too. I'll continue to eat smaller meals and snack on biscuits :)

try preggie inhaler. im using brand from mama's morning sickness inhaler. helps abit. when i dunwan to take medication in day. i took dicletin at night

i took preggie drops and they helped me! can get them from iherb i think. flavored sparkling ice mountain helped too, and they are sugar-free!