Hi my 9 yr old right leg when walking seem to be a bit not straight when walking and trips often even when at home and no water is on the floor, should i bring her to see a doctor ? And which doctor should i bring her to see? A normal gp or go to see kkh doctor? Pls kindly advice. Thanks

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I would take her to a GP first. She may be tested for an ear infection which, if she has, could cause balance issues. If your GP feels there is something more to it, then most likely that you will be referred to a specialist. Good luck.

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Does it happen recently? I would go to a GP to rule out any ear infection, if the GP feels that something isn't right, I would get a referral letter to kkh

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i would advise to see a doctor to be safer. Hope all is well with your girl.

Sorry to hear about your situation. Pls take your daughter to a GP and he will give you further advise on this. Thanks.

Thanks for ur reply nalika