17 day old- 4 days no poo

My 17 day old has not been pooing for the last 4 days. I gave her probiotics but still no poo. Pee as per normal. 100% breastfed baby. Should I bring to see a doctor?

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it's common for breastfed baby to not poop daily. the highest record for my gal is 11 days. if you are super concerned, can bring her to pd after day 7 to check, provided her tummy is still soft. else best to seek medical advise asap

7mo ago

The ones I’ve read online are for older babies like 6weeks old > Based on guide they should poo 2-3 times daily now. My son has this issue around 3MO up to 2weeks each time but with probiotics he’s ok. Thanks for the advice I’ll monitor her.


if your baby still has yet to poop, please do go to the doctor to check. it is best to see the doctor is she hasnt pooped after 5 days.