Milk Rash or else?

Hi mummies, im FTM. My bb 1mo, but suddenly her face hv a redness, then become more and more. Even her ears, head, neck also hv it. These 2 days i try to use Mustela Cicastela. When i should be worry & bring her to go see doctor?

Milk Rash or else?
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it's normal mummy! our baby had this and his pd said to moisturize skin and pay particular attention to ths skin folds. it will resolve on its own eventually. we initially used a scented moisturizer but his skin reacted badly so had to switch to an unscented one.

It’s quite normal. My boy also had it. Gone when he was abt 5-6 months I think. Didn’t bring him to see doctor. Their skin is more sensitive at this point. Just rmb to keep her moisturised after bathing.