My baby started on solids last month. She recently strains when she is going to poop. Her poop is not in pallet form, but quite dry. She cried when pooping yesterday night. We realised that there is blood. Should we monitor first or bring her to see a doctor?

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All babies will go through constipation at some point in time and especially after they start on solids. It could her digestive system is still trying to get used to solids or it could be she is not taking enough fluids. Give her plain water. I also agree on giving her the P fruits like papaya and prune and plum. To have blood in the stools means need to monitor , pls bring to PD if she continues to have blood and if her constipation persist. Constipation can increase the risk of UTI btw. Have you tried giving her more spinach and sweet potato which is good for constipation? I also try to purée and mash the food more when my gal did not poo for two days as I find that with purée food she digests it better

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5y ago

Thanks. There is either sweet potatoes or carrots in her porridge. Will try to give her spinach in her diet.

I suggest you try organic baby rice. After your baby resting eat for one day and try this. Which suitable for baby to eat and good for digestion too. My baby also before this eat normal rice get a solid poop. Alhamdulillah after eating organic baby rice. Her poop is okey. 😊👌 And also give alot of water to your baby also and put some evo to your baby food. Have a nice day â˜ș

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There is a difference btn blood in the poop or blood coat the poop caz it was hard a scratch the anus or inside when coming out. U can monitor another 1-2 shits first. Give more water. Can give up to 100ml. If give fm give slightly diluted by adding a dash of water to whatever feed u are making

5y ago

Thanks for the reply. She was crying badly after pooping and then we saw blood coming out. It was not coated on the poop. I will monitor a few more poops before bringing her to PD.

Hard dry poops can cause a scratch was the blood bright red? My son is always constipated I have bin juicing fresh juice for me for the last year. Had to get him off the doctors laxcitves! If you ever see blood take them to see the doctor I'm pretty sure it's fine though.

Is the poop evenly spread w blood? If u are able to see her s***, u can tell if he blood is in the poop or just predominently in the front or end/interval parts(scratches)

Please see a doctor. Mean while make a glucose (250 mls of warm water, 8 spoons of suger and 1 spoon of salt) and give it to her regular...the baby should be fine

My son did the same thing - the blood we would give him pear are apple baby food pear would help faster tho

Prune juice helps, try to give more fruits and vegetables. Also ensure that baby is drinking enough and kept hydrated.

5y ago

Thanks for the reply. There is always carrot in the porridge and we always give two fruits daily to her. Should we bring her to a doctor or monitor first?

Hey Kris, maybe you want to try introducing other types of carrots as well. How long has this been happening?

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It seems that baby is badly constipated. increase the fiber intake and fruits. Prune puree will also work.