My daughter 6 year olds, still wearing diaper at night, I try not give her drinks water at night, but she still wet bed, should I bring her to see doctor? or any advice. thanks .

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i guess we have to train them to get used to diaper less. i wont recommend you to bring your child to see a doctor now which i think personal training might helps more. Try to make it a habit to bring her to the toilet before night time and cut down on fluid intake before sleeping time. i also wake them up during the night time to go to the toilet to avoid them wetting the bedsheet. Then as soon as she wakes up, visit the toilet. i will repeat the steps for a few weeks. And always encourage and praise them after they have pee. This process will really takes awhile.

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Once, my girl wake up with dry diaper. I realised she pee around or before after she fall asleep, as i change diaper awhile later after she fall asleep. And she didn't pee till 7-8+ when we wake her up for school. Perhaps you can do a experiment and change her diaper after she fall asleep to find out when the timing she pee. I realised she didn't really pee much when she fall asleep. So when knowing the timing she pee, can wake her up for toilet break.

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Sometimes it is a habit or used to having diapers at night or during zzz hours. I have a few friends whose children are also 6 yrs old. One even poo in diapers still. You can try encouraging the child to wake up at night with ur help (try setting alarm), talk to child about hygiene (wearing diapers is warm and uncomfortable). The key word is encourage and work tog. My gal is diaper free at 3 yo, a lot of hard work but worth it.

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wow, your child diaper free at 3 yo, that very good, okay thanks for the advice.

Bring her to toilet before sleep, drink less water and slowly cut off when the diapers is dry means she can hold till morning or wake her middle of night bring her go toilet. Kids use to it if don't wear will feel unsecured, try not to scold if she wet the bed. Encourage her like give her some sticker to reward if she can sleep w/o diapers and tell her her peers all without diapers at night!

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some children will stop diaper at 10 too. they can't control their pee when sleeping. if your.child is still wrarng diapers at 7 then you cam use peer pressure to encourage her to stop using diapers. for example you can say "your friends aren't using diapers anymore, its shameful"

maybe you can try before bed ask her to go toilet to clear . and in the middle of night bring her go toilet again . .