My 9 months old baby just had a bang on the back of her head against the floor. She was playing on the floor when she lay backwards and knock the back of her head on the marble flooring. Anything to take note?

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Firstly, check for bumps. Rub some ice pack on her bump area immediately in future if she falls or injures. It will ease off the swell. Make sure there are no swelling. Take note of any decrease in feeding other than vomiting. Some children develop fever due to fright. Watch her movements as well to see if she has any slow or delayed movements. Also, ensure that she doesn't cry uncontrollably as she is only 9 mths old. All these are tell tale signs that she is uncomfortable. You might have to bring her to hospital for further observations if you sense something is not right.

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Please monitor her closely as she isn't capable of telling you that she is unwell. Look out for any vomiting and fever. This is usually the scariest part. If you sense something that is not right or she isn't her usual self, please proceed to the hospital for a check up. Better play safe.

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Check for injury. Monitor for vomit or fever or loss in appetite or always very very sleepy or over cranky or not active. If sleeps to long try to make sure is responsive by tapping or calling the name. The first 24-48 hours is vital. Any signs please go to the hospital.

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Look out if baby cry non-stop unnecessary (may due to inner pain that why keep crying) Look out if baby is not active, walking not steady (incase baby is giddy), vomit non stop, fever.

Monitor for vomiting, restlessness, crying and irritability. If you notice these symptoms, you may want to head down to the A and E.

Pls monitor for any vomiting and fever within the next 24hrs. Should assistance be required, go to the A&E immediately.

better monitor closely and bring her to the hospital if u sense that she is not in her usual self.

Look out for any vomiting and fever, if yes please bring to the hospital immediately!