Dent & flat head on LO

My baby girl is 1.5 months old. She have a dent on the back of her head and her head flat on one side as she like to tilt her head to one side when sleeping. Do I need to consult a PD now?

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My LO also prefer sleeping on his right. I find it dent too. So I checked w the nurse at polyclinic and all said it’s fine. Have to give him more tummy time and try to make him sleep on the other side. True enough, the shape went back to original position at 6 months. If worry, can go find PD to take a look

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12mo ago

My newborn is 1 mth old and I just got myself a yaolan as his head shape became sharp on the top and flat at the back. Do you know if this method is feasible?Polyclinic doc says just give more tummy time and tilt his head left n right while he sleeps. I have been trying to google if flat head is reversible and cannot find any information on this.

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At this age, it is too early to start helmet therapy. However, do try to use dimple pillows and rotate the head sleeping position every once in a while to prevent flathead.

Try dimple pillow or swing cot. The pillow is actually flat when baby sleep on it so it won't cause any back problem. My baby had similar problem like yours before this.

I think not to worry too much as with the baby’s growth it will be fine. But you can still check with the doc just to be double sure

My boy is currently on helmet therapy You may find the following link useful

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2y ago

Alright thanks alot ! I think I will monitor first and try more tummy time before bring her to go and see a PD

My baby also. We are just trying to tilt her head to the other side but seems like she's very comfortable on that side.

2y ago

Alright thanks alot

The baby head shape will change. You can change the side she sleeps on and see if it helps.

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This often does not require treatment but do consult the pediatrician when in doubt...

2y ago

Thanks alot 😀

Dont worry too will correct itself as baby grows older

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Just check with doctor or nurse during vaccine jab.