Baby fall while playing on his own

Hi Is it ok for 10 mths baby to fall down on the floor while playing and lie on the back of his head? Is worry cos he fell on his back head :(

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Hi, it happened to my LO before when he was around 10 months old . Panic me , I rushed and brought him to the clinic , because it was so sudden . Just pay close attention to your LO for now . Make sure baby don't vomit or acting strangely

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Yeah my baby fell so many times hard to count. As the other mums adviced, watch out out for differences in behaviour or any vomiting. If none then should be all system clear

Hope he is ok. Observe him for any abnormality for 24 hours. If he doesn't, then he should be fine. Don't worry.

Hi, Don't worry too much on it but please monitor the baby and see if there are any bumps on the head

Keep monitoring him for something that’s unusual. Make sure he’s not vomitting.