Flat head in baby

Hi all, my DD (12 weeks old) likes to sleep on her left side so the left side of her head is flat now. I've tried changing her head position when she sleep but she will turn back to the left on her own after awhile. I've read article that the head will round back by the age of 1. Can anyone please share their experiences on this

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my bb was like that too! haha. we just change whenever we can. then when carry her, try so that bb look to the right side. when playing on his back,, put toys or play with him on the right side so he get used to it. my bb until now still like to look left 😅

My son was like that for a bit—just try to move him from time to time. We're lucky he wasn't used to it yet and so it didnt turn into a habit, but honestly, we can just change the position when we can :)

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Just keep rubbing her head in circles