7 week but no bump

7 week already still no bump. I am worried.I havent have the first ultrasound scan yet. So...still dont know if there is a baby inside. I am scared. And now is mco period. What should i do. Pregnancy test kit is positive .

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Awl lg sis.. 😅😅baby br nk mmbsr dan mengalami perkembangan mengikut step by step... Sis blh try google.. biasa dh msuk 20wik br nmpk bump... Nti dh bsr nti..risau plak bsr sgt smpai nk gerak sakit blkang lah... Sakit bwh perut la..kaki sakit la sbb kaki xlarat tmpung bdn.. 😅✌sbr ea...

Nak besar mane? Mcm org 36 week ke? Tepape ntah. Bykkan la membace. Ni bkn soalan tak tau. Ni soalan mengade. Common sense la. 7 mggu perut besar mane. Aku yg 17 mggu ni pun mcm buncit je.

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Eh suke hati aku la. Aku yg comment kau plak panas. Bkn aku caci hina dia. Dah bla kah

7 weeks too small dear. Usually will appear after second trimester which is 12 weeks and above. But depends on the body. Some people might has small bump till the end of pregnancy.

7 weeks like a strawberry size dear. its too early for a bump. wait until 12-16 weeks. please do some research about physical changing during pregnant.

Still early dear. I’m already 21weeks but I still barely able to see my bump 😅 don’t worry much 😊 as long as you know your baby is healthy then it should be okay

Yg komen tu komen la baik2..kan sama2 ibu mengandung..so paham sikit emosi yg bertanya..mybe dia first mom..xtau apa2 atau lebih excited..omooooo

rileks pn..7week baby xbeso, kecik comel je. nk scan bole pg private clinic. dh 9-10wk g la scan. dh bole npk heartbeat.. bole dgr heartbeat..😉

Rileks.. I already 14weeks but still no baby bump. You can go check up since kkm told already mom and baby can do soo..

Awal lg sis.. sy 7bulan bru nmpak baby bump,perut kecil ja😂😂 org x perasan sy preggy,msuk 7bulan bru org perasan

Please do some reading if you say you are free during this mco period. Then you ll know how big it is