My 5 months going to 6 months baby can't smooth himself to sleep. So every time I have to rock him and coax him for hrs sometime after all I have done he still not sleeping. My husband keep telling me to let him cry it out, so can help him sleep better. I heartland seeing him cry until like that. Haiz. My lo sometime need to rock to sleep sometime have to cry it out.

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Actually, we tried e cry it out method since baby was 2-3months old. He really has difficulty slping. We can carry and rock him for 1hr, thot he is asleep already, so we put him down on his playpen, but he woke up again. This carries on for 1-2 months.. both hubby and I were so tired. Our baby is big size somemore.. our arms ache so much.. so we hv no choice to try the cry it out method. It is very useful for us. How we do is like this. We put baby on his playpen. He will cry and make noise. We will put our hands to hold on to both his shoulders/arms. We let him cry as we r still there to calm him down with our hands pressing lightly on his shoulders to prevent him from struggling. It has a calming effect. But if ur baby continues crying louder and louder, den carry him and calm him down. U can continue carrying him to slp. But every time u wanna put him to slp, use this method and sooner or later, he got used to it and can slp by patting. Repeat this process every bed time. Moral of the story is: do not be too quick to attend to baby's cries. They will learn tat when they cry, mummy/daddy will be here fast. It will become a habit. FYI.

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I don't agree with the cry it out method, They are still young they need our cuddles and help into soothing themselves back to sleep. Give him a few more months. They will be able to settle back into sleep himself soon. have you tried playing lullabies?

I actually used the CIO method after every regression period to get my lO back to his normal sleeping pattern. But for my Son, I only need to let him CIO once n I'll have peaceful nights for months till the next regression period

CIO is not recommended for such young babies. Some babies requires more effort in settling back into sleep. have you tried these methods? white noises? lullabies?

babies need us. if you let them cry it out, it's like neglecting them. why don't you try the feber method which is a step by step process.