My baby is now 9 months old yet he can’t sleep by himself without putting him on the rocker and rock him to sleep. How can I make him sleep by himself on his bed?

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Super Mum

Baby has formed that habit, so you’ll need to break that habit and do sleep training in his bed. You can go read up on the various methods of sleep training (including the no tears methods, check in method, cry it out method, etc) and choose one that you’re comfortable with. Like the word suggests, it’s training.. meaning it takes time, and it can be tiring initially when both baby and you are not used to it. But don’t give up! Persevere and the result is completely worth it:) I started training my LO at 4.5 months. She’s 10 months now. We just put her in her bed in her room and walk out and close the door. She goes to sleep on her own now:)

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When he deep sleep move him to bed and slowly let him get used to bed Nd start patting when he's on his bed.