Let baby cry

Hi Mummies, I'm a first time mom my son refused to sleep even after feeding and changing his diaper but he is sleepy but doesn't want to sleep so is it okay to let my 5 months old baby to just cry it out for hours until he fall asleep and gets tired I feel bad to let him cry it out for hours and not attending to him.

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No, I don’t think you should let him cry for hours. He may have emotional problems growing up. You can read about how these incidents (especially repeated) affects their emotional development growing up. Best to trial and error and see what’s best for soothing him to sleep. Jiayou mama

2y ago

hi mummy noted thank u so much

hi, it could be that your baby may have some stomach pain..try to put some oil and soothe him as much as you can..please don't ignore, just be there with your cuddles and he'll appreciate it..you can do it!

2y ago

Hi, noted thank u so much