Hi mommies :) have anyone kid have sleeping difficultly?:/ My son one yrs old plus seen to have sleeping difficulty. I let him sleep on the bed with me n my hubby. Every night he sleep, he will keep turn here turn there non stop, most of the time! Or not he will suddenly cry. And he have also got nose sensitive. I not sure is it because the nose make him difficult sleep? Can anyone teach me how can I make him sleep better?:( I been stress about this :/ Thanks if any mummy can ans my question. Appreciate ❤️

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A few method to help tackle your problem 1) Turn here turn there is actually very normal. Even now at 5yo, my elder still turns and kicks us in his sleep. 2)Middle of the night suddenly cry are usually night terrors. So avoid having too much fun or laughter before bedtime. 3) Senstive nose can be dependent on many situation. Due to aircon? Due to dry air? You can use a humidifer to help him during his night sleep

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7y ago

Sounds ok for the duration of sleep. Probably it's just a habit. My elder son kicks and turns alot in his sleep.

Baby having difficulty in sleeping and twisting and turning is very normal. Make sure he is well fed and there is no sound around you. As far as the nasal issue, you can spray a saline nasal spray or combine it with an aspirator to remove mucous.

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Hi... you might wanna try some of the methods suggested in this article https://sg.theasianparent.com/7-real-mummy-tips-on-how-to-make-your-baby-sleep-through-the-night

kids turn and tossing very normal. the just can't stau still. regarding the nose, you can try to let him sleep slightly elevated.use a humidifier that may also help.

7y ago

I used before Le. But it seen the same :(


Have you tried giving him his own space in his crib instead of him sleeping with you? He might find it intrusive with mommy and daddy squeezing him in.

I second the Yuguo TCM. It is indeed very effective.

My boy toss n turn a lot too

aiyo, TCM you should go to yuguo

7y ago

Kembangan plaza de uh? Really go use? I last time bring my son go havelock Road there

how about eucalyptus oil?

7y ago

Also same :( I bring him see doc, tcm also the same :(