baby fever

Its 4am and im awaken by my son hot temperature and he refuse to sleep.he sleep next to me.we use aircond because now haze and if i use fan it smells like burning.i check his temperature its 38celcius..his eyes are red like sleepy but he is still active.. he feed direct breastfeeding. Maybe he is havinb fever because he is starting to crawl and i feel he has teeth at the back of his gums..or maybe its just the bad haze in kuching...Any advice?
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Hi mommy. Waktu mlm kena kerap basahkan badan baby, sbb suhu malam mmg tinggi. Jangan biar tinggi sangat sbb bahaya utk baby, blh kena tarik. (kekejangan). standby kain n air. Sy tiap kali anak demam,
Thank u so much sis.. i will do that..worried
Hi sis.. First of all, make sure to low down baby temperature first. 38 is quiet high and have many factors why he got the fever. Take wet towel and wipe all over his body and head.
Thank u sis..i will do that