night feed

NOAH my baby is 3 month and i still set an alarm to feed him every night. but he sometimes choose to sleep than eat. sometimes refuse to eat coz he is sleepy. should i just let him sleep until he wake up when his hungry or should i wake him harder then feed him? he gaining weight normal.

night feed
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Same with me.. My son 3m too.. I talk to my doctor... My doctor suggest that i need to breastfeeding regularly at daylights... 2hour once breastfeed .... let him take a nap at least 5 time during day... And play with him when he wake up.... After 8pm dont play with him.. Avoid eye contact..... Let him play by himself... . Let him know different between day and night.... During night just breastfeed only when he wake almost 2 weeks my son have the same schedule for sleep feed and awake... Its easy for me to do housework and rest😊

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Sis, at 3 months old dia dah memang sepatutnya STTN. Dia dah develop his own circadian rhythm especially sleep cycle. His bodily function runs smoothly. Currently my baby 2 months 10 days has his own poop time and he also sleeps 6-7 hours straight . Tidur tepat 9:30PM. All this happens Every day since last week. Before he sleeps memang dia susu kaw kaw. Congrats sis. You can sleep well now 😂

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Bagi susu jadi macam full cream instead of skim milk. Anak kenyang.

I only feed my baby when she demand for it. Alhamdulillah she gain weight perfectly.

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me either sis

I’ve been refer this matter to our pediatrician. The doctor had advised, let baby demand to be fed. At certain age, baby will undergo sleep through. As my daughter, she been sleeping from 9 pm till 7 am (10 hours) without wake up in the middle of the night for feeding. However, as she wakes up she will cry for milk.. now my daughter nearly 4 month. As long as your baby gain weight and healthy, that should be fine.

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td baru jumpa PSP.anak sy last susu jam 10mlm n jam 5am bru die bgn semula untuk yang sy perasa bile die susu jam 5am, perut die ada bunyi n selepas susu die akan langsung muntah.. so sy ckp kt PSP tu sy akan kejut anak jam 2am utk susu n bile sy susu jam 5am die x muntah dah. PSP ckp betul cara tu.jgn bg perut anak kosong terlalu lama nanti masuk agin.. anak sy baru nk masuk 4 bln..

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10mo ago

Sekali minum brp ozs anak sis tu ?

Ohh... My baby will feed even when she is sleeping. Shes on bottle btw. I just push it inside her mouth when she is sleeping and she will suck as if she is awake. Sometimes she wont. But when i softly tap her cheek, she will continue

Let him sleep.. Only feed when he awake (that mean he's hungry). At this age they can sleep longer & can different day & night.. That why he sleep deeply at night. As long as you nursing him more in day than night, no need to worry for him sleep. Gaining weight normal & having pee & poop pattern normal is also sign of enough feeding.

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Umur 3 bulan ni blh dikira kebanyakan baby dah blh beza tdo siang/malam.. dia dah mula rutin tdo.. normal kalau setakat bangun mnum susu 2-3kali je.. so malam dia akan lena lebih lama.. follow demand dia ja sis.. no worries as long as dia still nak susu, berak&kencing dia ok.. perut x kembung.. m chart dia ok..

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My daughter also 3 month,doctor advice that don’t let she sleeping thru the doctor advice at least 4-5hrs then wake she up for baby will sleep at 10 then wake up at 2-3am for breastfeed..then continue to sleep again wake up again at 7am..i practice like this..4-5hrs must feed the baby

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You can feed him as much as he want. Then let him burp after feeding him 1st, then lay him down.