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So i went to this private clinic in kuching and they gave me these meds.first they gave antibiotic,cough syrup and panadol for kids.i only gave my 4months old son cough syrup and panadol and went for neb.today i went for his 2nd neb in the morning and 3rd neb at night and the night dr gave me another coughing syrup which is the vitaivy. The staff gave together with the box and i happend to read it. I saw the min age was 2years old and now my instinct tells me not to give him. My son is having cough and mucus and sometimes he tearing even when in aircond room. He sick because of the bad haze in kuching.. should i give him the vitaivy cough syrup?he is only 4months old
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If u go to government hosp the doc will not give u the cough syrup. They will explain why.. The doc said that the cough syrup only will be given to kids 2 years and above.. Not recommend to give to in
I been wanting to bring my son to gov but my mum refuse and my sister advice me not to.. i headache cz of them.my sisters has 2 kids so she thinks she is more experience in this.. i try convince them to bring me to hospital.. i rather wait the long queue than donating my money to private when they only want money
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If I were you, I won't give...