High fever, Cough and Flu

Hi im in my 14 weeks pregnancy.. last week i just recovered from cough and flu and got it back yesterday together with high fever.. Went to private clinic and got my medications.. Has anyone gone through this? Should i consult gynae or just go to normal clinic?

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Hi I am 22 weeks now and I just had flu and cough like 1 week ago. Go to gp and tell the doctor you are pregnant. He will give you medication that is suitable for pregnant woman. I drank for 3 days and the flu cough gone. Get well soon!

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I just went to the nearby doctor. Just inform them that you are pregnant so that they could give you suitable medicines to take

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Hi... you can visit a GP. Just need to inform the doctor that you’re pregnant

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Normal clinic is okay. They’ll give you medicines suitable for pregnancy

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Normal gp is fine take care!