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It's my 3rd pregnancy... i already had 2 beautiful girl and hoping for a boy and I do sound selfish, as many couples out there just hoping to have a baby... I just came back from ultrasound and the doc say it's a girl and I cannot help myself but just cried at home when no one is around... I wanted a boy badly since 1st pregnancy because I don't want my girls to go through the life of being a girl/women... I can't help myself but being very sad and dissapointed... what should I do... google tips doesn't help either... i keep thinking why I need to let my girls suffer of being a girl/women...

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Hi there, instead of wasting your wonderful energy on getting upset and worried about what your daughters hv to go through in life, why not plan on how to help guide them in regards to the things that you’re worried they might face? Turn your tears and negative thoughts into positivity that can help build a brighter future ❤️ you can do it dear! Do it for your beautiful girls ! They don’t need to suffer if you help them change that negative thoughts and view in life 🙂

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