Toddler has developed fears

My 2 yo has suddenly developed a fear for strange noises. He thinks it is a mouse, and rushes to close the door leading to a passage in our flat. How to get rid of this fear? We never talk of any monsters, nor try to intimidate him with anything. He is not even scolded at, at home or daycare. Thanks for the help.

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i helped mine to overcome by being friends with the thing. mine started to develop fear for cats. i told her how the cat feels and cat would love her to be gentle. i also told her that the cat can be her friend. she talks to the cat and said hi. soon, the second time, she took initiative to say hi friend. and she was over it. anything can make them cry in midnight. being too excited or even a documentary before mine sleeps. she woke up crying. but 2yo, there will be a period for night terror

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Thank you. This is quite helpful