My 1y2m baby still can't sleep thru night. She will wake up 3-4 times at night. Try comfort her while she is crying. But she keeps flipping up my shirt and insists want nen nen to suck for comfort. I'm really tired. What should I do?

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Sometimes they just want to suck to sleep. Have you tried giving her the pacifier as a substitute for your breast? What I did previously was also put a bottle of water in the cot, and whenever my child wakes up to cry, I'll feed water instead. Usually when you're the main care giver and your child have easy access to your breast, they will try to suck to sleep instead of self soothing

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Some kids don't sttn until 2 or 3. Every kid is different. She will sttn when she's ready. That said, there are ways to help her sleep better at night. Things like keeping the room dim, having the same bedtime routine every night, giving her a bath or something soothing before bedtime, etc.

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could it be that he is teething? Have you tried to latching lying down? I been latching lying down and sleep while my 20mo continues to latch. Yes it is still not as good as not latching at all. But this way you still can catch some eye shut

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Your child is overtired and not getting enough sleep if she's waking up so many times at night. You should really consider sleep training her so she can get proper night sleep. Overtired children are often hyperactive, cranky and hard to settle.

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Hi Supernanny, may I know what's solid nap? Mean baby won't wake up during nap? How can I make it? Would appreciate if you can share more sleeping tips here :)

Consider giving pacifier? Sometimes they just need the suckling action and closeness to u so I will put pacifier and then bring baby close to me. Not every time works but it will save some time

Sounds like dream feed. Did your lo use to dream feed? Also you put her to bed whilst latched on?