Messed up sleep schedule

My girl is 4m21d. And her sleep schedule is very messed up. She is refusing to sleep and night. Keeps playing and rolling around. And sleeping 10-12hrs in the day. She will sleep at around 4-6am and wake up around 3-5pm. When i try to wake her up to play she will be upset. After bath time in the day she will nap even better and hence sleep longer. Is this 4month regression? As she was sleeping very well all along, going to bed at 6-7pm waking at 8-9am. She still wants to go to sleep at 7pm still but will wake up around 12-2am and refuses to go back to sleep. We tried delaying her bed time but she will start crying.

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Sounds like it could be. I'm not sure how her sleep environment is like, but you can try the following when it's night time: 1) try not to talk to her, as she'll interpret it as playtime. Keep interactions boring and functional eg feed milk, change diaper 2) keep the environment dark and quiet. Use night light or dim lights when feeding or changing diaper. 3) if she's just laying on the bed without fussing or crying, leave her be. Hopefully she dozes off at some pt. Jiayou. It's really hard when they don't sleep at night.

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