How to stop breastfeeding? LO is 13months now. Her solids is not eating well. Only few bites then ask for milk. Will wake up 4-5 times ask for nen nen too =.=" want to stop soon as really tired. I'm direct latch her after quit my job 3 months ago. Now she refuse to drink bottle. Any idea?

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Actually, ur breastmilk is not nutritious enough for baby since is she alrdy 13 months - so u should introduce fm or food sources that have iron. I suggest u seriously take on the task of feeding her solids as by age 1 most of her nutrients should alrdy be coming from solids. Introduce different fruits or veg for snack - stick to it for 3 days min if it's baby first time taking it. U can search online for recipes and just keep trying w baby. Sometimes they may reject it initially but 2nd or 3rd time they eat they will like it so try a large variety, one at a time for a few times. Use colorful utensils and cups and bips, be encouraging and always smile caz they will pick up our emotions and may not want it if they feel negative abt eating. Try to cut down on latching too, be more firm about trying solids. Maybe no solids then have to wait till nearer next feed time to drink. Caz if drink most and is satisfied, she won't have much space left for solids too Don't worry abt her being hungry, a little hunger is good. On the other hand, maybe u can consider eating some good fatty food to make ur milk more fat but at the same time cut down on latching. Every few weeks drag time or drop 1 latch. By 1, they can be quite cheeky and know how to test u and get their way abt it too. Jia you If possible, give cereal/rice or the likes for dinner, can last longer too. U can try the night cereal series from Hipp

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Hi Mummy, Since she is unable to eat solids well, try not to cut the breastmilk away as it's the source of food for her now. Try to find alternative food ideas? Or maybe you share the types of solid she is eating now? As for the night feeds, it's true with DL, the night feeds can be a little horrible. At 19mo, my son is still waking up non stop for that comfort latch or milk feeds. As for the bottle feeding wise, the kids knows that when mommy is around, i don't need bottle. They will go right to the source.

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