Baby Only Eats When Distracted By Screen

My baby never liked eating porridge. Since we started feeding her we always had to distract her with something on the TV then she will just swallow the food without even chewing. I know it is a very bad habit but there was no other choice :( and now she's 1 year plus already I want her to enjoy food more and can focus on eating. I tried changing different recipes, noodles, pastas, put more seasoning etc but she will refuse all. Was any mummy in the same situation, is it possible to fix it?

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How about adding toys to the dining table? This way she shifts the focus from tv to the toys. Then slowly reduce the number of toys on the table. And then gradually remove all toys from the table.

I had this problem too. So I will put toys in front of them so they get distracted from the screen and intrigue while playing the toy. Then slowing feeding them their food

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I have this issue for a few weeks with my 14 months old as well! Certain days I just give her some adult food that we are taking.

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same for me too!

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