Hi mummies, My 13 months girl just recover from viral virus..she has no appetite in drinking milk and food. How to increase her likes in food. She wanted to eat but once put into the mouth, she spit out.

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Hi, Ask your doctor about any supplement, zinc, that can be given to the baby to enhance appetite. After viral infections not only babies but even adults do not feel like eating, so do not worry it is a natural thing to happen. I suggest, do not force feed her, once she is completely fine, she will herself start eating. It may go against your maternal instincts but it is fine not to troubled by her not taking proper feeds as of now. Babies tend to take what they need, when they need. And once they recover completely from the sickness, their appetite recovers. Consult the paediatrician if her appetite doesn't becomes fine after she recovers fully else in the meanwhile you can change the menu for her. Try new things. Try porridge or khicdhi. Mind it, till she is fully recovered, only give her light foods that are easy to digest. Make home made juice, soups, leafy vegetables, pulses, grinded nuts, cheese etc.

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Give baby some time to fully recover and this issue that u are stressed with will disappear. In the meantime, just let her eat whatever (the healthy and less heavy kind) she wants - maybe can also try to give the foods that she likes. Eat a smaller amount is ok, don't need to force. At most just drink milk to make up for it later. Most babies a few days of not eating well is ok for them - as long as not dehydrated so still need to take milk and water

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7y ago

Hi, drinking fresh milk is an interesting alternative for her. Maybe u can try to mix the food up a little too. Observe for abt a wk as if teething and teething is breaking through, it will take abt 1-2 wks(depends on baby). As long as her pee not too concentrated, she is still pooing (not too hard for her) and she is active, I think u can just continue to keep encouraging and try to feed her. If after still no good, then u could consider the doctor?