toddler behaves differently at home

My lo is 18 mo now and she attends the childcare..teacher said she's not a picky eater and able to eat on her own and eats fairly fast and eat a lot. However it is not the case at home when I'm feeding her. She is obviously hungry as she's so anxious about the food and can't wait to get on the high chair. However when my spoon goes near her mouth she starts to turn away and resist. I have to dab abit of the food on her lips for her to taste before she finally accepts and continue eating. Sometimes she eats a few mouth and resist again...Sometimes she gags too. Anyone have similar experience? I can take up to an hour to feed her at sch she also takes rice n meat but at home she will chew slowly and refuse to swallow and end up gagging...really duno what's wrong.

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It's pretty normal for kids to behave differently when in school and at home as they are developing a social sense. In school, they're usually under 'peer pressure' as everyone eat at the same time etc and you do what everyone else is doing to fit in. Usually kids are more naughty at home because they feel safe enough to act out at home. Slowly talk to her and show her you're eating and enjoying your food too? Kid's love to imitate us so if she sees you enjoying the food, she probably will too! 😄

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