Help!! Baby taking food out of her mouth

So my baby has been eating solids either purée or BLW very very well since 6 months! However, recently at 10 months she start to PURPOSELY take food out of her mouth and feed herself again! Then when she’s not eating she’d use her hands to play with her tongue?????? She’s not eating her solids properly she keep playing! So frustrating howwwwwwwww😩

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Sounds like she's a very curious baby. She's trying to learn and experiment with cause and effect. For example she takes the food out to see what happens to it after it's in her mouth. It's important that you don't get frustrated and encourage her to be curious and explore different sensations. She will grow out of it eventually.

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3y ago

Ahhhhh rights the wonder week app says they’re at the cause and effect stage! But then I didn’t know it would be like that😩 well I got really frustrated last night Hais feels so guilty now

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It’s normal for baby to play with solid. That’s how they explore and this is actually a good sign. She’s telling you that she’s ready for self feeding. Try to prepare food for her to take and self feed. Try to be stern to her as to what’s right and what’s wrong.

3y ago

No no she has no problem eating on her own! She’s been very good at feeding herself! Since 7 months till now no problem at all it’s only these few days she PURPOSELY push food out! No matter what we feed or she feed herself she will PURPOSELY push food out!