Hi, my Lo is coming to 9 months old. She started eating solids at 5 months plus and she was eating purées and cereals occasionally. Abt 7 months old she started porridge with vege. 8 months old I feed her porridge with fish and tiny bits of meat. She has been eating well but abt 1 to 2 weeks ago, she started to reject her solids by spitting it out. With toys and a lot of coaxing she still only finished half to maximum 3/4 of the usual amt she had been consuming. Why is my Lo rejecting the food and eating lesser than before? How can I improve her appetite?

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Did you cook the same thing daily?

2y ago

sometimes they are sick of the same thing you can try giving potatoes with salmon or add a little taste the the Porridge by adding white baits. I share quite a few recipe in my IG you might want to take a look to have some ideas? @mummyjlife