With Covid, d o you visit your parents/grandparents with your LO?

Due to covid, I never bring my 21months old girl back to my mum's + grandma's place for a month. I miss them and likewise they miss my LO too. I think it's reasonable for me to go back once a month but my husband doesn't agree. He thinks that we should only go back when the cases drops to hundreds. No right or wrong here but wanna hear from other parents out there. What will you do?

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Ever since the spike, my husband and I have stopped visiting our parents. We have an 8 mth old and an unvaccinated 10 yr old son and we really think it's the best that we can do, for now. Thankfully both sets of parents are very understanding. My FIL works outdoors while my parents work in their foodstall so all of them meet alot of people on a daily basis. Eventhough they're all vaccinated but better to be safe than sorry since we have a baby. Talked to my husband about this and he too agreed that we stopped visiting for a while until hopefully things are better. Really hope things will get better. We miss our parents too and our siblings. Also been a while last we went out for a family outing. Sigh 😔

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Glad to know there are other mummies like me! Baby is few months old now and I'm not comfortable bringing baby to visit our folks. The last time we did so, my FIL didn't wear mask, and two days later his workplace was declared in the news as a major cluster, and he later told us he came into close contact with a covid positive friend. I was sooooo terrified and paranoid for days after that, and feeling so angry and upset at myself and my husband for not asking my FIL put on his mask (his place, his rules). But...FIL keeps asking us over. Dunno how to deal with it.

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1mo ago

My in laws will ask on a weekly basis and we just keep rejecting. We know that they miss their grandchildren and we miss our parents too. But as long as our kids can’t get vaccinated, we will have to do what we can do, especially since the cases are so high now. If your in laws are agreeable to wearing mask at home and no sharing of food, I guess it can help to bring down the risk for both sides. Our children are important but our parents are equally important.

my parents help me take care of my 14 months while my 33.5 mth go preschool. every night we eat dinner at their place ... told them not to go out so during weekends which they also avoid as much as possible. my mum only buy grocery once every fortnightly. weekdays they are mainly at home. I forbid my in laws from visiting us. maybe once a month or 1x every 2 months as they staying at a hot spot during then. and my FIL likes to go out walk walk. so we avoid meeting them as much as possible ...

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We stopped visiting both our parents too ever since the spike in cases. We are also contemplating if we should visit since it has been awhile but we are trying our best to protect our child and our parents. It’s not easy. We check the news every night to check for a drop in the numbers

I still visit both. My 10-mth-old son is taken care of by my mom on weekdays and every weekend we still go to my in-laws. My MIL stays home all the time and FIL has his own business but WFH for now so there is less risk of exposure.