LO sleep through the night?

Hi mummies, does your LO wakes up in the middle of the night? At what age did your LO manage to sleep through the whole night?

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I think depends on what you consider STTN. For young babies 6 hrs is considered STTN, for example. My Little one is fully DL so he did wake quite frequently but around 8 months when we felt more sure he didn’t need the milk we helped him develop more self soothing techniques than just nurse to sleep. He would sleep maybe 8 hrs at a time on a good night. Now he’s 13 months old and can sleep 10-11 hrs at night with one or zero feeds and straight back to the crib. But we choose a more gentle way, letting him be the guide instead of just purely cry it out. It is important to let three develop their own ways to self soothe. He doesn’t use any toy, object, pacifier, pillow or anything. Just himself on a flat bed. So it’s really him learning how, plus it’s safe consider he sleep in his own room on his own at night.

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my LO is 5 months + now, she sttn for the 1st time when she was around 10 weeks young. It was a gradual process it seems, cos subsequently, she woke intermittently. By 3.5 months or so, sttn was more consistent (sleeps around 8hrs or more) and it was easily to plan time schedule to pump before engorgement kicks in.

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my baby can sleep through since 4 months ++. so normally I will give her milk based on hourly provided before she sleeps. like her previous feed is 8pm with 120ml. after 2 hour (10pm) is give 80 to 90 ml.

Actually it depends . My boy can sleep through the night when he have enough food (3 meals 2 snacks in between ) at 1 year old . But if he is not getting enough , he would wake up once or twice .

my lo slept through the night since 3 days old, though she was a little jaundiced. now at 7 month she can sleep through night from last feed for up to 8-9hrs

Slept through the night since 1m+ . At times he does makes noise at dawn if his last feed was given early the night before, say 9+

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Soon to be 10 months baby girl HAVENT sleep through the night 🥺. DL mom here.

mostly after 1yr of age, but still they wake up in between pg ngugutom..


yes 18 month currently still waking up at every 2 3 hour for milk