Mummies who does or intend to do tanderm breastfeeding, how long do you intend to tanderm till? Would you still continue despite the naysayers?

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A good friend of mine is currently doing tandem bf. She is 5 months preg and has a 1.5 yrs old toddler. She sought her gynae for advice n was told that it is ok for her to keep on bf till toddler weans herself off. If mother is comfortable with her growing belly n feeding her toddler on demand, then shouldn't be any issue. She has a few naysayers esp her own mother n some other friends. As a positive self, she blocked out all these n determined to make herself n her LO happy. She is doing v well n I would say, she makes her choice to tanderm bf n sticks by it. :)

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A friend of mine breastfed all throughout her pregnancy with her son who was turning 4 years old that time. They tandem nursed until the eldest decided to self wean and said he will give way to younger brother. Aww..

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She was saddened by it and took a while to get used to. It was difficult one since it was a 4 year journey.