Anyone knows whether can bring buckwheat husk pillows for children to use into aussie?

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Australia is pretty strict with what you can bring through their custom. From what I've read so far, buckwheat pillow does not seemed to be on any of their prohibited lists. That being said, as buckwheat is a plant, you may be required to declare it if you are bringing it over. Therefore, there is a risk that it may be taken if deemed as a prohibited item by the custom officer. I chanced upon this link in which you can submit an inquiry on the item you are intending to bring/send to Australia: Not sure how long it will take for them to respond, if you still have some time before your trip, you could consider submitting an inquiry.

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Australia is super strict on this matter, I was always told that you should go with the assumption that anything and everything that resembles seeds, nuts, fruits, or berries will be confiscated whether they are roasted, pre-packaged or not. I think I saw an episode of Border Security Australia a while back (can't remember which episode) and an old lady from China who was travelling into Australia to visit her son had a whole bunch of food and other items consficated. If I remember right, one of them was an undeclared tea leaf pillow. To be safe, best to leave your child's buckwheat pillow at home.

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Yes you can bring them over to aussie. Alternatively, you can also purchase it from aussie to save yourself some luggage space! You can also try making it on your own. The above website allows you to purchase the buckwheats and have it delivered to your house.

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Thanks everyone. I have no intention to buy there cos children prefers their own smell. My concern is I'm afraid of them throwing my pillows away at customs. I did email them and ended with a reply stating all the links. -_-!!

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So far I have not found any regulation online that says you can't. You can bring them over for them to use. The pillows are also available to buy there.

Been and back from the australian customs. We brought out the pillow and carried by hand. I declared the pillow as seeds/plant origins. Custom security checked and let us through.