Would you allow your preschooler to watch tv programmes? Would you allow selective shows and accompany the child to watch? Do you fix a time schedule or day?

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Yes selected shows. The most important thing is to accompany your child when watching shows, as it’s a good time for educational learning e.g. when they show something not very appropriate, you can use it as a learning to explain to your child. I limit it to 30mins a day

Hi, yes! I do let them watch tv programmes. It's when I need them to sit quietly while I'm preparing their meals or have to finish up my housework. I let them watch cartoon channels or documentary. I will limit them to watch 30mins - 1hour each session.

If it's cartoons or children's show, they can watch it unaccompanied. But if it's prime time tv, best to be there with them cos you never know what's gonna be shown on tv. Generally kids watch tv for an hour on weekdays and maybe more over the weekends.

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Halos cartoons lang sya. Since hindi rin ako mahilig manuod since pinanganak ko sya (more on tulog kase ako after work) kaya hindi sya into tv. Toys lang sya saka ipad. Pero yung pagpapahiram ko ng ipad saglit lang kase baka lumabo mata nya.

Yes, I do allow my toddler to watch cartoons.This happens during the day when I am doing housework or taking care of my new baby (e.g. bathing, changing nappies). Usually, it's 1-2 hours max for my toddler.

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Yes, I do allow my daughter to watch her favourite tv programme and movie. Weekday nigh time limited 30 min and only Sunday allowed for 1 movie of her choice and ipad games for 30 min while I doing Housekeeping.

I allow my kids to watch tv (Okto Channel) during weekend mornings for 1 to 2 hours only. For weekdays, if I need to do some housework urgently, I will offer educational DVDs such as leapfrog phonics.

Yes watch lang ng age apropiate shows for her on tv tapos nakabantay ako. Otherwise, netflix ng pawpatrol, dora, pj masks.. ganyan lang. Tapos 1-2hrs a day

Yes, as long as it is kid-friendly and educational. As much as possible, guide talaga natin yung bata whatever he watches.

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Half an hour to max 45 mins. Yes we always monitor what she watches. Mostly cartoons, musicals (DVDs) etc