Konny baby carrier

Hi I have a Konny baby carrier in size M and I could not fit. It is brand new (washed) without box. I would like to do an exchange with a brand new size L or selling it at $50. Please leave a comment if you are interested. Thanks.

Konny baby carrier
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You can try do exchange with carousell seller. And if you just give birth and feel tight to fit I suggest you wait awhile before you sell. I gain 22kg during pregnancy after give birth I bought S and M size but S can't fit very tight so I sold away the S and kept the M. But 4 months later I slim down the M now is very big for me but still usable am still using 13 months now very useful.

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Thanks for sharing. You can also post on theAsianparent preloved baby goods FB page

3y ago

Thanks for sharing 😊😊 will do!

Hi, I am int but am not sure if my size is s or m. May I kw where is Ur location?

3y ago

Will pass for nw as too far for me. Thks

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There's a Preloved section on this app that you may post on it too :)

still available?

Is that the color?

3y ago

Here’s a photo


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