Felt my baby kick for the first time at 20 weeks! Mamas describe your baby’s first kick! Is your baby active during at night lol? ⚽️ Or during the day?

Share with me the feeling? Do you expect your baby to kick or was it unexpected?

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Felt the baby kick in my 22 weeks.. and it was so satisfying as i have been waiting for it. Before that it was just light flutters, but as it wasnt so strong or anything, that i doubt myself if it was the baby or was it just me. The kick happened unexpectedly, and since then, it just carried on everyday, especially at night. The feeling grew stronger each day making it certain that it was the baby. Got my hubby to feel it too, but somehow baby stops moving whenever he did it haha! But now at 35 weeks, he has been able to feel and see the kicks.

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2y ago

Hahhahhah! Right! 🤣😝

I was waiting for my baby movements. Felt mine right after 18weeks. Felt like gas in my stomach, very light movement. But I can feel her movements better when I placed my hands on my abdomen area. Baby is usually more active when I rest on the bed or after meals.

when im at 20wks i can only feel it at night , the kick is very gentle but now im 31weeks , the kick is harder and u can feel it day n night, sometimes u will be awake of the baby kick and unable to slp well too

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Mine varies. Sometimes the kick is so sudden that i got a shock out of it. As baby grows, it can become more intense too

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It feels like someone poked you from inside with fingers mild kicks. When I'm on my bed I can feel more.

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It was very mild. I was worried that it wasn’t stronger but after a few weeks it is now much stronger.

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mine start off like bubble popping feeling 😂 baby more active at night

Mine's morning and night, afternoon so quiet and not as often🤣😂

It's like vibrator to me

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My baby is active during the night! She will kept kicking and punching me when I'm sleeping